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International Artists record label 45s discography.

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A Quest for Pure Sanity -- The Psychedelic Poetry of Tommy Hall (13th Floor Elevators).

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poster from the collection of Dennis Hickey
"Texas Music"? What's the deal?

Part fact, part mystique, the music emanating from Texas has long drawn interest from around the globe. Texans have been involved and up front and present in the evolution of every American musical form for the 20th Century. From Scott Joplin to Janis Joplin, from Bob Wills to Asleep at the Wheel, from T-Bone Walker to Stevie Ray Vaughn, from Buddy Holly to Destiny's Child, Teddy Wilson to Van Cliburn, Texans have been there, done that. The list is truly astounding!

In fact the web just may not be big enough to hold all the information about Texas music! So, we'll content ourselves to focus on one remarkable decade, the '60s.

Following are remembrances of things past: the clubs, the bands that played them, the record labels that made them, the media that hyped them and the graphics that illustrated them. Much of what is contained here is rare archival material. First hand accounts abound, the true stories of what it was like to make music in Texas in the 1960s.

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