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Here are links to other websites that you will find enjoyable...

Sweetart Interviews
Lance Monthly website

E Discussion Groups
The Texas 60s Music Refuge
Texas Psych
Elevators group dedictated to the 13th Floor Elevators
13th Floor Elevators another group dedictated to the 13th Floor Elevators
Red Krayola a group dedictated to the Red Krayola

Texas Music
Sonobeat Records
Texas 60s Music Streaming Archive Live365. com hosted 32kbs mono looped program. Highly recommended.
Texas Ghetto.Com
Houston White and Sandy Lockett
Texas Retro Music
Shiva's Headband
Ginger Valley
Mother of Pearl (on Austin City Limits)
The NewMatics Ernie's current band
The Thingees Sonobeat Recording artists
Johnny Winter
Armadillo World Headquarters may it R.I.P.
Austin Poster Art
Josefus site for the late 60s Houston band
The Outcasts
Mike's Band Trivia lots of information about San Antonio and central Texas bands
Mayo Thompson 1996 interivew from the Red Crayola
Misty Browning

Thirteenth Floor Elevators
The Lama Reviews --from the guy who wrote The Complete Reference to The Thirtheenth Floor Elevators '65-'69!
13th Floor Elevators a U.K. site
Openers -- a Tribute to Roky Ericson
Stacy Sutherland Memorial Page -coming soon!

The Garage
Garage Hangover | the site for 1960's garage bands
Beyond the Beat Generation
Colorado New Wave/Punk Rock another site designed by Roulet Media
Psychedelic/Rock Posters of Dennis Hickey
The Leghounds
Ernie Sky and the Ktels