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n e w ! Big, big news from Austin, Texas. Sonobeat Records, the legendary late 1960s and early 1970s record label that was such a key player in the growth of the captial city's music scene celebrates it's first digital release EVER this March.

The Sweetarts classic 45 single "Picture of Me" b/w "Without You" with a new cover from the original '67 vinyl release will be available in March through the ususual online vendors (including iTunes and Amazon) for download purchase. It is what is hoped to be the first of many digital reissues from the label in the coming months.

The timeline of The Sweetarts digital release ties in with the January 2014 publication of Sonobeat Records: Pioneering the Austin Sound in the '60s by Ricky Stein.


Here's the official press release from Sonobeat.

By all accounts, the 60s was a watershed decade: the end of the docile 50's, the coming of age of a generation unencumbered by world war, and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Heady times, indeed. Nowhere was this tumult more reflected that in the music of the times. Music that was created not just by the music machines of New York and LA, but music that was created in the byways of America.

One such place was Austin, Texas, home of the legendary Thirteenth Floor Elevators; home of the Sweetarts.

Never heard of them you say? Aren't familiar with their brand of psychedelic garage rock? Well, welcome to their world!

Herein is the story of the Sweetarts as told in their photos, music and stories. A true slice of Americana: five college boys who beat out a part-time living playing fraternity parties on the University of Texas campus while writing and recording their own brand of rock, a pure expression of the times.

Two 45s, highly prized by collectors, and unreleased tracks and a live club date aired in February of 1967 are the sum total of the Sweetarts recorded legacy. While the Sweetarts will never appear on VH 1's "Where Are They Now?" you can find out anyway -- and see the photos, hear the music, and read their stories.

Come on in!

The music's fine!